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Blue Sky Fund

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Our mission is to provide transformational experiences for urban youth through outdoor education. We help low-income children from the City of Richmond improve academic achievement, especially in the sciences, through active outdoor education. We develop character and leadership through outdoor experiences that expand horizons, increase confidence, and build collaboration skills. Our participants are primarily Richmond City Public School students living in under resourced neighborhoods and homes. Research shows that urban, at-risk youth who are “outdoor educated” show an increase in their measured mastery of science concepts, their conflict resolution skills, and their motivation to learn. Yet, 56% of urban, at-risk youth reported never having spent time in nature.

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Projets en cours

Blue Sky Fund’s Explorer Program has been working since 2008 to provide elementary students with access to natural environments. We do this by leading monthly, experiential, science based, field trips at no cost to the school or its student. The Explorers Program gives students the opportunity to learn about nature in nature. These outdoor classrooms reinforce and enhance the standard science curriculum appropriate to their grade level helping students achieve academic success and develop positive attitudes towards the environment. Blue Sky Fund currently leads monthly field trips for 1,600 students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade in Richmond’s lowest performing schools.

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