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INTRO: Each week, the equivalent of a classroom full of American children is lost forever due to abuse, maltreatment, and neglect. It is American SPCC’s Vision and Mission to build an active, caring community, and empower youth advocacy through youth-inspired solutions to end abuse, positively affecting the welfare of children, youth, and families. Through educational resources American SPCC aims to increase awareness of child maltreatment, advocate for children’s rights, promote prudent parenting and positive discipline, and offer anti-bullying strategies. With this multi-platform approach American SPCC intends to initiate and generate a shift within societal and cultural beliefs as they relate to child maltreatment. Please join us in our mission, and help us build a safer world for children and a more peaceful world for everyone. VISION: We envision a society free of child abuse that promotes the positive care of children and youth and effectively addresses the epidemic of child abuse. MISSION: We empower a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to the positive physical, emotional, and intellectual development of children and youth in the United States.

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Youth Ambassador Program Mobilizing Youth Through Digital Activism For Social Change This innovative program is an equity service model for all youth. Honoring youth and students who cannot ordinarily do traditional service. Created by an educator, the Youth Ambassador Program is rooted in project-based activism, with an enhanced focus on digital activism, and fully supported by American SPCC. Our projects and digital campaigns are aimed at promoting awareness and education of child abuse, and advocating for children’s rights. So easy, anyone can do it. All you need is two minutes, a cell phone or a computer. Join today at http://americanspcc.org/youth-ambassador-program/ ___________________________________________________ Cyber-Service and Virtual Volunteer Opportunities What is Virtual Volunteering? Typically, when we think about volunteering, we usually think of spending time helping out at a physical location. You may not have thought about making a difference from behind your computer screen or smartphone. In this global digital age, volunteering is definitely not what it used to be. As a virtual volunteer you can do great things right from the comfort of you own home. This vast online platform, now offers up so many new volunteer opportunities. It provides a viable way to blend a busy schedule with the desire to contribute to a charity. Get started today at http://americanspcc.org/virtual-volunteer/

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