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Vision AfriKa, a youth and child development non-profit organisation operating in Kayamandi and Vlottenburg, townships on the outskirts of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. Vision AfriKa believes and expedites the youth’s ability to succeed. Our unique curriculum combines developmental strategies to address both inner and outer access to resources. Our programmes provide individualized support in order to expel the prevailing heritage of learned helplessness and self-defeating thought patterns-and-lifestyles in the youth of underserved communities. Vision AfriKa has 11 years’ experience in youth development and a proven successful replication of our model, our approach is holistic (focusing on whole person development) and comprehensive/systemic (offering services to children and youth from the ages of 2-22 years), aiding them to academic and personal success. Our facilitators (often youth who have returned after completing our programmes at 22) and young people embark on a shared explorative journey of visionary dreaming and goal setting, critical thinking, leadership development, active community citizenship and academic improvement.

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Current projects

The Macias Restis Aftercare Programme is available for learners to go to after school. We have 2 branches supplying this service, the Macias Restis aftercare (Kayamandi) and the VA Vlottenburg Aftercare (Vlottenburg). Both facilities host qualified facilitators who work as mentors to stimulate and guide children from grade 1 up to grade 12 to do their homework. The programme focuses on practical assistance to understand the nature and content of assignments as well as supplying necessary resources (facilitators, computers, internet) to research and compile the academic tasks. The main aim of the after-school care project is to generate opportunities to the school-going youth of Kayamandi and Vlottenburg by pursuing the following objectives: • Providing a safe place for supervised study, homework and activities aimed at enhancing academic performance. • A focus on digital literacy and the use of technology in learning. • Providing, with a holistic approach to support, opportunities and challenges for children to develop life skills and to excel. Elements aimed at psychological and physical support and development will be incorporated. • Providing long-term involvement and support for learners (starting as early as late pre-school and ending in grade 12), while depending on voluntary participation from the learner’s side. • Establishing practices which would enable critical success factors to be measured

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