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AIM Is the aim of this project to bridge the gap between urban schools and rural school, have community development this is to create jobs and develop the under developed communities. OBJECTIVE The objective of Tushanang Projects NPO is to ensure that an effective system is put in place to renovate\build a school and create jobs for the community around. PROJECT This project is an initiative to try bridge the gap between, more classrooms, equals more teachers, equals to job creation. Thus more classrooms like physics labs will entice a learner deserve to enhance and improve their perspective to the school. Building an infrastructure will minimize the school absentees in winter. TARGET The target is  Scholars  And community development

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Current projects

Mamabolo Secondary school is one of the schools in Limpopo that lacks facilities like you admin block, nutrition center, toilets, one classroom block has burned down due to kingship saga and refusal to merge with other schools. this is a big problem as learners are overcrowded in classroom elaboration of how many in a classroom grade12: 72 grade11: 77 grade10: 109 grade9: 79 grade 8:36 this becomes a huge prob;lem between learner teacher ratio. the schools is under bad conditions as learners are sometimes forced to study under a tree for physics. The toilet conditions are as bad, the sanitation for hygiene has become a problem too. this discourages learners as they lack desired attention in classrooms due to overcrowding.

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