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We are out to help disdavantaged schools. Schools that lacks resources like labs for physics, computer labs , classroom shortages, sanitation etc. Our objectives are to bridge the gap of urban and rural communities. We have encounted that lack of resources produces poor results. We want our country to become one sing the same language. Why should there be a distinguish between an urban child and rural while they are taught the same curriculum. A scholar should not be deprived resources because of their surrounding. This intiative is us reaching out to the world and say lets sing the same song. Lets not deprive our future leaders. The activities will be build a healthy environment for scholars in the under developed areas which will enrich communities and give scholars hope that someone out there cares

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Current projects

As we are a start up organisation . I believe in a phrase you can not start to build a house with a roof u need a foundation to hold up everything. We are looking at a few schools in limpopo that are disadvantage and we are sworen to make a difference. There is a saying u can preach to millions 1% will listen and that is all the change you need. We are looking at job creation for the local community members.

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