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Spitskop Special Needs School

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The school provides care, stimulation and education children with pervasive developmental disorders, such as Autism, Down’s syndrome, Epilepsy, Brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, learning barriers and other problems that affect normal development. The school aims to tackle these uniquely challenged children’s problems holistically. Besides cognitive and academic stimulation, we spend a lot of time outdoors. We have a greenhouse tunnel which is nurtured and maintained by the children. Organized outside play, plays an enormous role in these children’s social development, they also care for the farm animals and their basic sense of responsibility is developed. We have a temporarily erected swimming pool where the children learn basic water safety, exercise and have a lot of fun. Two Jungle Gyms and a Trampoline also provide exercise through play. We provide two nutritionally balanced meals per day. The school also provide physical therapy in well-equipped Physical therapy room. We take pride in our one-on-one programme, learn through play and educational games that addresses specific development problems. Part of the skills development program is Kitchen Activities, where the basic skills of cooking as well as kitchen safety are implemented.

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Current projects

With the recent collapse of the local economy, many people have been left unemployed and have sent more people into poverty living in rural Thabazimbi, South Africa. Donations and funding is becoming increasingly difficult and thus the school has to start self-reliant projects to fund the school in the long run and at the same time educate the learners. Spitskop School (SSNS) is now in its 4th year of operations and we are now moving into a phase where some of our learners have to start learning a trade. Most of our learners will not be able to go to a technical college to learn a trade and we have to prepare them for adulthood and teach them skills that will make them employable or self-reliant. The projects we have in mind is to equip the learners with knowledge and know-how to run and maintain a small business in our technology driven economy. This will go hand-in-hand with learning a trade where income is guaranteed. The success of these 2 projects is guaranteed and can be measured as the learners will work and learn at the same time. With these projects SSNS will get professionals in to guide us and assist us. Food supply is becoming a serious problem in South Africa and living in a rural community is difficult due to the high cost to salary ratio. With firm commitments and our perfect climate it will be perfect to focus on an agricultural project that will supply the local community with their basic food requirement at an affordable price.

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