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The idea for Kingsway School started in the mid 1980’s with one person recognising a desperate need in their neighborhood, and having the courage to step out in faith and do something about it. The vast proportion of South African youth are not receiving the type of educational opportunities that they will need in order to develop into responsible, contributing and equipped members of society. The levels of poverty that hinder many of our young people, as well as the shortages of quality primary educational institutions within peri-urban areas, are two of the leading reasons for the establishment of Kingsway School, and Kingsway Centre of Concern. Disadvantaged children in the Honeydew area of Johannesburg are lacking the type of educational support that takes into account their whole person in a nurturing, committed and stable environment. This is the gap that Kingsway seeks to address. Kingsway Centre of Concern serves the Johannesburg Northwest Community in particular Zandspruit Informal Settlement. We uplift underprivileged youth by providing quality Christian Schooling and a safe home for abandoned,abused and orphaned children.

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School fees per learner amounts to R2500 or $180 per year as our parents are very poor and most often do not have employment. Our fundraising budget per month amounts to R110 000 or almost $8000. We run a feeding scheme for the children, porridge is available in the morning before school and break time they receive sandwiches or stew on a Wednesday. Stationery donations have decreased and we have a need to buy text books. It has become more difficult for the parents to buy school uniforms. Our teachers earn 86% of government salaries, we are endeavouring to close this gap. Our teachers are very dedicated, the children receive love and nurturing as well as good education. In 2016 three of our learners earned bursaries to three of the top private schools in Johannesburg.

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