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IBBAMO Foundation is a non-profit skills and leadership development foundation whose programs and initiatives target Africa's young people of school going age. The Ibbamo Foundation intends to produce a new breed of educated, socially responsible South African leaders, through: Community upliftment programmes Education related programmes Entrepreneurship related programmes The aim is to develop young South Africans into legendary leaders who will have a positive impact on their communities. This will enable them to free themselves from the societal ills that plague them.

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Current projects

We have built a Mokgome High school Library and we wish to raise funds to build 2 more libraries by the end of December 2016. We always use Ibbamo social network platforms to drive awareness and raise funds from the community and individuals. we donate sanitary pads, toiletries for young learners and distribute at underprivileged high school around Johannesburg. our strategy is to raise funds through corporates that are aligned to the Ibbamo mandate of Education, Literacy and the development and build the Libraries to other underprivileged High schools in Johannesburg.

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