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At Bopa Monyetla our hope is to gain the understanding, endorsment and support from the local communities for conservation measures within Madikwe Game Reserve. This will be achieved by providing education and training to enhance the skills sets of the youth and adults in the area. Moreover, by intergrating local economic development through the establishment of Small Medium Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) an increase in per capita income will bring about social benifits to these communities. Education and skill development impacts on successful entrepreneurial activity, employment opportunities, job advancment and a greater understanding of the importance of South Africa's natural heritage. As a social enterproise Bopa Monyetla aims to generate revenue from various funding sources to tackle social problems, improve communities, people's quality of life and in our specific case commitment to conservation-through education and training in and around Madikwe Game Reserve.

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Current projects

Bopa Monyetla has a few projects running including: Subz- providing whashable sanitary pads to ensure equal school attandance opportunities for the girls in the communities surrounding the Madikwe Game reserve. K53 learners and drivers licences-opportunity to do these courses provides communities with job opportunities and road safety. Tshukudu project- Tshukudu are hand made and embroidered one of a kind rhino toys made by the ladies in the communities around Madikwe Game Reserve. Each toy has a name and a story. 25% of the profit of each rhino will be allocated to rhino conservation, 50% will be paid to the individual who made the Tshukudu soft toy and the remainder Bopa Monyetla will cover operational costs or be reinvested into SMME projects. Education and Upskilling- This initiative focuses on community members in the communities surrounding the Madikwe Game Reserve and current employees in the reserve. After each individual has gone through our initial assesment Bopa monyetla will source and facilitate training through recognised training institutions. This training will cover skill development that further the aspirations of the individuals who wish to advance their positions or seek jobs.

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