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Y.E.S. I AM Provides opportunity, education, funding and resources to youth to inspire them to develop a love of learning through STEM education, the Arts, vocational training and entrepreneurship. Y.E.S. I AM is an entrepreneurship program that provides charitable and educational support to impoverished youth and their families. This program encourages youth to develop a love of learning by introducing them to STEM programs, vocational training, the Arts and entrepreneurship; while helping them to create ongoing streams of income. The goal of these programs is to educate and assist youth and their families to reverse the cycle of poverty. Youth are inspired to explore, cultivate their natural talents and gifts as they learn new trades to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Current projects

We are currently working on a play for the youth to perform for the community in a few months every child or teen in the program will have a part wether it is on stage backstage audio visual, and/or hair and makeup, each child will learn how to do each different aspect as well as giving the community something to look forward to. We are also helping the adults in the community search for jobs and building their credit so that they can soon have a small business as well.

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