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The National Wolfwatcher Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit, all volunteer organization. We ‘educate, advocate, and participate’ for the long term recovery and the preservation of wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy. We educate the public, advocate for science-based decision making at every level of government and participate in activities that promote citizens’ awareness and participation in the decision-making process about wolves. We are a moderate organization that seeks to (1) find common ground among all stakeholders and (2) encourage solutions to roadblocks that challenge wolf recovery. WHAT WE DO Teach the public about the important role that wolves play in maintaining healthy ecosystems via programs and presentations, materials, social media campaigns, eco-tourism opportunities, etc. Inform the public about the social and political challenges to wolf recovery Support measures that promote peaceful coexistence with wolves on the landscape Educate the public about the issues in all regions and ways it can effectively participate in the democratic process to promote science-based decision-making about wolves. Partner with the Wolf Conservation Center and other organizations to design, promote and implement wolf education material including curricula that addresses the common core standards for elementary, intermediate and middle schools across the nation;

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Current projects

H.R. 2406 SHARE ACT Oppose this bill because it is loaded with many anti-environmental provisions. It also includes an amendment that would federally delist wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming through Congressional intervention and remove the legal right of citizens to challenge regulations. This bill has already passed in the House & will be reconciled with S. 659, the Bipartisan Sportsman’s Act. Polls indicate the majority of Americans oppose these bills. If passed, these bills would: Prevent the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service from restricting the illegal ivory trade and send the message to the armed criminals who are decimating Africa’s last herds that the American market is still open for business. Require Dept of Interior to issue permits to allow a hunter to import polar bear parts (other than internal organs) if the bear was legally harvested in Canada from an approved population before the May 15, 2008, listing of the polar bear as threatened. Exempt components of firearms and ammunition and sport fishing equipment and its components (such as lead sinkers) from regulations of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act posing significant health risks to humans and wildlife. Lead bullets represent a problem for anything that ingests them because they fragment into hundreds of tiny pieces when they strike an animal being shot. As a result, many scavengers and raptors, including eagles, die annually from toxic lead poisoning. Studies also suggest that l

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