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The mission of Val's Place Of Hope is to provide a safe place and services for individuals and families.To Empower disenfranchised low income families and individuals by building leadership through corroboration based programs and to create, self-sufficiency and thriving communities.To help families gain access to and utilize the tools they need to empower them to move forward in their lives.

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BUILDING PROJECT The mission of Val's Place Of Hope Inc. is to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to eliminate hunger. Val's Place of Hope is a nonprofit agency fighting hunger in Texas. We: •Distribute food across the entire state, to over 370 partner food pantry's, meal programs, and high-need schools. •Ask that our food be given out without restriction. •Run one of the busiest food Pantry's in Texas, serving more than 5,000 people each month. •Collaborate on championing long-term solutions to hunger and poverty. One in seven people in Texas struggle with hunger. Budget cuts and high unemployment mean that more people are visiting food pantry's, often in greater need and many for the first time. You can help by donating, volunteering or learning more about hunger. Since 2001, we’ve relied on you, the community, for funding and volunteers. Last year more than 92,000 volunteer hours were donated, the equivalent of 44 full time employees. We are in great demand and with that have a even greater Mandate to assist more families with food and shelter. WE NEED A LARGER FACILITY!!!!!

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