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Our foundation is providing free medical and dental care to the over 52,000 school-aged children and needy adults who are from the tribal district of Dang. These children have little to no healthcare and a majority of them have never seen a doctor or held a toothbrush! Vandbandhu Arogya Dham Healthcare facility focuses on prevention, early intervention and corrective procedures. The other medical ailments that are commonly seen are sickle cell anemia, oral cancer, cervical cancer, severe eye related problems and due to the healthcare and region - there is a high rate of infant deaths and poor health of pregnant women. Our focus is to provide and continue care to those in need without restriction discrimination. We will see and help all of those in need. "Caring people help others not because they expect a reward but because it is natural to show kindness."

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Current projects

A project to construct a permanent world-class Healthcare, Research, and Training Facility (Vanbandhu Arogya Dham) in Ahwa, Dang (Gujarat), There are four buildings that make up the facility: Main Healthcare Facility Building, Girl’s Hostel; The hostel will house 25-30 high school graduated local tribal girls every year, who will train as Dental Assistants, Nursing Aides, and X-ray Techs; Foreign Doctors’ Guesthouse/Bungalow For those visiting to volunteer their time and specialty services to the tribal population of Dang, mainly from USA, Canada, and UK as well as Accommodation for Resident Doctors This accommodation will be for resident doctors (and their families) working daily at the healthcare facility and conveniently living on-site. The main hospital building will include the following capabilities: • A well-equipped Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) for routine physical exam and screening • Emergency Treatment Center • Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory • Eye Care Center • Nursing Station and Pharmacy • Dental Clinic • Oral Cancer Research Center for early detection and management with emphasis on prevention • Consultation and Counseling rooms • Male and Female Wards • Cafeteria The facility will provide free medical and dental care to the 50,000 school-aged children and needy adults living in Dang and surrounding areas who have no access to treatment at the moment. The facility will provide all phases of medical and dental care to adults at a subsidized costs.

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