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UCAAN (United Cancer Advocacy Action Network) Focuses on Bridging the Gap Between Cancer Patients and their Immediate Needs Nationwide. Connecting cancer patients to the resources, support, information and hope that they need. UCAAN is a Grass roots, 100% Volunteer Run Award Winning Cancer Organization founded by Two Time Terminal Cancer Survivor, Rachel Shur. UCAAN Helps any one with any form of cancer, any age nationwide.

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Current projects

UCAAN “Change a Life” Road Trip to Make Nationwide Impact 5 Years in the Making: UCAAN plans Cross Country Trip to Make a Nationwide Impact for Cancer Patients through Preventative Dental Program & Health Information Thousand Oaks, CA. In 2011 UCAAN Founder Rachel Shur and her best friend/assistant Sarah Levy embarked on a trip across the country to visit some of the top cancer hospitals to find out what information they provided to patients about preventative dental care. Because of Shur’s own experience with cancer and severe dental deterioration after numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation over 2.5 years; she made it her personal focus to provide preventative dental care information to cancer patients nationwide. After the 2011 trip, Shur started a preventative dental program for cancer patients in her local area to benefit from and in 2014, UCAAN received a three year grant from Kaiser Permanente Hospitals in Woodland Hills to provide her expanded UCAAN CARE (Caries and Restorative Education) Preventative Dental Care program. Now 5 Years Later UCAAN is venturing out again, this time to focus on educating more cancer patients in cities across the country, by providing helpful life-saving and dental preventative care and healthier eating information. UCAAN also plans on visiting some of the many patients they have helped over the years. View Full Press Release and info: www.UCAAN.org

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