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The Sanctuary Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc is a 501c3 Nonprofit, located in northern MN on 100 acres. Currently home to 33 horses, 2 wild burros, 20 dogs, 3 cats and numerous chickens and turkeys. We specialize in dogs and horses who are about to be euthanize or shipped to slaughter. We also take in those who have developed issues that make them unmanageable for owners or have been deemed dangerous. We work to rehabilitate them and adopt them out, however if they are not safe for adoption, they remain at The Sanctuary for the remainder of their lives. We believe in a holistic, natural approach to training and care. Our motto is "Natural healing for the canine and equine mind, body and spirit..."

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Current projects

The Sanctuary is home to two blind geldings. We are working on getting them a larger, safe, grassy paddock so we can move them from the small dry lot that they are currently in. The larger paddock will have safe fencing for blind horses, along with a nice run in shelter. With winter quickly approaching, we are also going to be doing a "Hay Drive" in order to raise much needed funds for our hay costs. With this many horses, we go through a lot of hay in our cold MN winters. We will go through approximately 280 large round bales in one winter. This is a major expense. We're hoping our hay drive will be very successful! We cannot do this without the public's support.

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