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The Sister of N.E.W. Corporation was formed as a non­profit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Florida, established December 1, 2012. Sister of N.E.W Corp. will be uniquely positioned to help contractors and Developers employ more trades women. Sister of N.E.W. Corp will improve Florida's Construction industry workforce by preparing reliable, motivated individuals for the skilled trades. Our focus is on developing workforce opportunities and empowering women to gain industry knowledge and employment opportunities. facilitating the ability to leave the public assistance system. The result will be, moving families out of poverty by training women for self ­sufficiency wage jobs with a future. Sister Of NEW is excited to announce the development of the Tiny Home Village, a specialized community of tiny-homes and services that will treat the underlying cause of the Veterans homelessness, and homeless families by providing housing stability. Each home will be offered to homeless Veterans, person, or family and provide each with a sense of security, privacy, and the ability to reintegrate at a comfortable pace. The combination of housing stability and local services will lead to successful permanent housing. The program in which the founder envisions is multifaceted, comprehensive, and innovative. The community has a tremendous need for empowering women of low income and veterans, the opportunity of retraining in

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Current projects

Introducing Coach Casey fitness instructor for Sister Of NEW Corp. Born and raised in South Florida, Coach Casey is well known as a leading fitness expert and sports performance coach. She was even featured on American Ninja Warrior Season 7!!! It’s because of her vast array of knowledge and experience that Coach Casey wanted to create a unique fitness concept that is unlike anything else out there. Atomic Training and Performance (ATP) aims to challenge athletes of all caliber by providing education based training and proper programming. Working on pantership with the YWCA. Sister Of NEW is in collabration with the US and Latin Embassy, and the International Puerto Rican Support Group LLC.

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