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The Sister of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida Corporation (Non-Traditional Employment for Women) has developed an innovative initiative for providing apprenticeship, and training in nontraditional occupations for female veterans, low income women, and women on welfare.Sister of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida (Sister Of NEW), main goal is to get low income women off of government assistance and place them in the workforce. The goal of the program is to provide occupational training construction skills and on-the-job-experience as well as basic educational services and workplace specific counseling. The target population for Sister of NEW, program is the community's most economically, occupationally, and educationally disadvantaged young women, and single mothers. ● Increasing women's access to nontraditional jobs is a compelling strategy for family economic self-sufficiency for several reasons. ● Most importantly, compared to jobs that are traditional for women, nontraditional jobs can provide better wages

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Current projects

Sister Of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida is not only a construction training program for women, but also a new fresh way to help the homelessness: Even the name SoNEW Pocket homes was created to stay away from the negativity that comes from the word shelter. We cannot fix homelessness using the same tactics that have been in place for years. Pocket homes will help transform homeless people that have been in the streets for years. Most homeless people grew accustomed to their freedom, therefore making it difficult to live or get help from shelters. During their training, students of Sister Of NEW will be helping build the Pocket Home Village, keeping the cost of labor very low and giving the students hands-on training, they need to complete their training.

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