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B.R.I.T. Technical Institute (Biomedical, Radiology, and Information Technology) is an urban two-year nonprofit technical institution conveniently and centrally located in Northeast Tarrant County, serving the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. B.R.I.T. will offer Associate Degrees, Technical and Operational Certificates, as well as, a General Education Diploma(GED). Our goal is to provide comprehensive, quality post-secondary education to equip graduates to enter the growing Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and IT job market.

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Current projects

This year, our first year of operation, we have no student population and are not expecting to add students until January 2018. This year is focused on preparing our facility, staff, regulatory and accreditation requirements, and financials for the year ahead. Due to the nature of our business model, we cannot start small and work our way up, we are offering 4 main programs, simultaneously, and a GED program, which is a 3 month preparatory program. Our financing will begin with an investment of from the founders ($10,000). Since we have created a Non Profit entity, we will not have traditional investors. However, we are seeking $250,000 in seed money from our community, Business Owners, and Start Up Funding Institutions. The seed money will be used to cover 3 months of lease expense($71,400), ceiling reinforcement ($2,500), IT Servers, Nodes, and Computers ($10,000). As a nonprofit, we are eligible to receive some computers as a non-monetary donation from Dell Computers. We will request as many as allowable. It will also cover our student virtual library ($50,000) that not only serves as a resource for research, but as coursework supplementation. Finally, the seed money will cover the application fee for our Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) accreditation ($10,000), and then ($6,100) for marketing. We are also generating funds through planned fundraisers and events to promote the college and raise awareness of its purpose.

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