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Road To Recovery began its new life on January 1, 2017. It started out as a support group for Addiction & Recovery. Recently, the papers were filed requesting tax-exemption as a nonprofit charity organization that provides support for addicts in recovery. The first site began as a Facebook addiction support group. This site is still on Facebook titled, "Road To Recovery". After a couple of months under the Facebook support group, I had finally gotten exemption tax status, which granted me more rights to start doing fundraising campaigns for the charity group. Road To Recovery's website is under construction at this moment. It will include, but not limited to: 4 types of recovery program groups to choose from: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, and Life Recovery (Christian-based Addiction Support Group). These pages in the website will feature information on that recovery group and online support group meetings and a blog. The site will also include information on addiction, drugs, & recovery topics.

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Current projects

Road To Recovery is launching a fund-raising project called, "Books4Addicts". Our mission in this new project is to collect funds and donations of books and materials whose topics include: recovery, addiction, information on drugs and history of drugs in society and society's perspectives on addicts and their recovery and addiction to drugs, and the wrongful laws that imprison so many addicts instead of providing them with the means to recover from their addictions. We believe that it is extremely important to join a support group as an addict in order to have a successful recovery. All of the support groups have a main book or guide to their specific recovery program. In AA, the book is called the "Big Book", and in NA it is called the "Basic Text". These support groups and 12 step group's programs is self-supporting and they do not receive outside contributions to sustain their support group's activities. I was surprised when i first entered recov ery and I had went to my first meeting and they did not give me a book. I could not afford it at the time. I began noticing when we had new members start coming and 9 out of 10 people could not and did not get a book for that group. These people all said that they could not afford it. This idea of books for addicts is necessary if we want to help those addicts that are still suffering out there. It is our purpose and responsibility to carry the message to those addicts and the very foundation of recovery today.

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