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Delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-torn Yemen, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Pure Hands delivers food aid, shelter, protection, orphan and child care, water and sanitation services and health sector support. Our Gif and in-kind donations reached over $60m in the past three years. We currently plan to launch an ambitious Education in Emergency project to help displaced children in school where these children can be safe, can have access to basic food, school uniforms, shoes and a chance to make it and not be recruited by extremist groups or illegal militias operating in the country. Unicef estimates indicate that there are between 2.5m-3m children out of school, totally or partially deprived from basic education. Child and maternal malnutrition are also major issues and we are partnering with UN agencies such as Unicef and WFP to do as much as possible as life-saving measures

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Current projects

Education in Emergency project targeting 1500 displace children living in temporary shelters, focusing on: 1. supporting existing education system 2. developing specific measures for out of school children 3. organize out-of-school alternatives All based on the following basic teaching, learning and protection principles: 1. Child-centered learning 2. Safe-learning environment, child-protection and well-being 3. Inclusive education All using Inter-Agency Network of Education in Emergency (INEE) minimum standards: -Foundation Standards...analysis, community participation and coordination -Teaching and Learning-focusing on critical elements that promote effective teaching and learning, including curricula, training, professional development and support, instruction and learning processes, and assessment of learning outcomes. -Teacher and other Education Personnel-standards here cover administration and management of human resources in the field of education, including recruitment and selection, conditions of service and supervision and support -Education Policy-this covers policy formulation and enactment, planning and implementation and include guidance on aspects such as safety of new and rebuilt schools; analysis of the context, non-discrimination, inter-sectoral linkages and transparency and accountability.

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