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Puglanta Dog Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in metro Atlanta and is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We rescue, provide vet care and find loving homes for homeless Pugs and Pug mixes. Adoption fees range from $150-$350 depending on the dog's age, health status and whether it is considered to be a purebred Pug or a Pug mix. All adoption fees and donations are used for vet bills. To surrender or report a stray pug or pug mix please email us at intake@puglanta.com. For more information about fostering for us please email us at foster@puglanta.com. For more information about adopting from us please email us at adopt@puglanta.com. For general questions please email us at info@puglanta.com.

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Adoption Process Our adoption process includes the following steps once we receive your completed application: 1 - Application review 2 - Phone or in-person interview 3 - Reference checks (3 personal and 1 vet) 4 - Home check* 5 - Meet-and-greet with the desired pug/pug mix 6 - Final approval of the adoption by the President/Founder * We require that everyone who lives in the household...2-legged and 4-legged...be present for the home check. Adoption Fees Pug Puppies 2-12 months $350 Pug Mix Puppies 2-12 months $250 Pugs 1-7 years $300 Pug Mixes 1-7 years $200 Senior Pugs over 8 years $200 Senior Pug Mixes over 8 years $150 Special Needs $150-$200 Out-of-State fees may apply $150-200 All dogs are fully vetted on intake...exam, rabies vaccine, distemper/parvo vaccine, HW test/Heartgard, fecal exam, microchip, spay/neuter and any treatments for illness/injury. All adoption fees are used for vet bills.

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