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Before 1982 there were no local animal shelters or resources available to help the Sonoma community cope with the problem of stray and abandoned animals. This lack of animal services motivated a handful of dedicated animal lovers to join together to create local animal welfare organization. Thanks to the support and dedication of this unique community the shelter property on Eighth Street East was purchased, and Pets Lifeline was established. During its first years of growth, animals were housed in makeshift quarters or placed in temporary foster care. Our main effort was to find new homes for stray dogs and cats (those not lucky enough to be reunited with their owners). Adoptions were scheduled "by appointment only" because of limited resources. The Shelter as we know it today was built and opened in 1987 to accommodate 13 dogs and 50 to 60 cats. With the help of foster care volunteers we are able to help many more animals. Visitors are encouraged to come to the Shelter to see our dogs and to socialize with the cats and kittens in our two community cat rooms.

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Current projects

In June 2016, Pets Lifeline got a grant from Impact 100 for $15,000 to convert our 8' x 20' Veterinary Trailer to a full surgical unit. The total cost is $31,973 and we are raising funds to complete this. With this new surgical unit , Pets Lifeline will save thousands of dollars a year in medical & spay/neuter costs. Your gift helps save lives. Thank you for giving generously.

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