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Orangutan Outreach was established in 2007 to bring attention to the crisis facing orangutans due to deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations into their forest home. Together with partner organizations in Borneo and Sumatra including IAR, BOSF, COP, SOCP and OIC, Orangutan Outreach works to protect orangutans in their forest home, rescue individuals whose lives are at risk and release them into a safe forest as soon as possible. We care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be safely returned to the wild as well as those who will need permanent sanctuary care. Orangutan Outreach has a growing global network that helps raise awareness of the plight of orangutans. By offering people everywhere a platform from which they can directly help orangutans, Orangutan Outreach has brought renewed hope that together we can save the Red Apes. {:(|}

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Current projects

BOS Nyaru Menteng is the largest orangutan rescue center in the world. It was featured on Animal Planet's Orangutan Island and the Orangutan Diaries on BBC & PBS. The center is now caring for 450 orphaned & displaced orangutans. In the Fall of 2015 catastrophic forest fires and haze left many young orangutans in Borneo orphaned. The area around Nyaru Menteng was hit especially hard by the fires. BOS is now caring for nearly 30 baby orangutans and more keep coming. The current Baby House is simply too small for all of them so we need to build a bigger Baby House to accommodate all of the babies and provide them with the 24-hour care they need in a hygienic, suitable environment. The new BOS Baby House will be amazing! We've designed outdoor forest schools and indoor play areas so that even when it's raining, our babies can continue to learn and play. We've designed two separate buildings; one for healthy babies who have completed health screening and one for incoming babies who need to be quarantined before they can join the rest of the babies. Each building is self contained with new kitchen and bathroom facilities, bedrooms for when we need 1-on-1 care with new or sick babies, and attaching outdoor sleeping enclosures for older orangutans. We are not just building a house, we are building a home in an environment where our babies have the best opportunities to learn and receive the dedicated love and care they need to be healthy, happy and confident young orangutans.

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