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We fund projects that protect and defend endangered wildlife in Africa and the communities they impact. We film every project we support and create mini documentaries to share with our donors so they can see and enjoy how their contributions are making an impact where it counts. You can see many of our recent projects here: www.OverAndAboveAfrica.com/projects

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Current projects

We recently funded a rhino dehorning in Kwa Zulu Natal and arranged for some of the local children to experience the dehorning, up close and personal with the rhino to understand from the rangers, veterinarians and reserve personnel why the procedure is necessary right now. It's important for the children to learn this is done because of the increase in demand for rhino horn - which has a street value higher than gold and diamonds. Rhinos are being poached into extinction and we strongly believe that education and awareness will be the key to preventing their ultimate demise. The rhinos will only continue to exist if the communities nearby see them as advantageous to Africa's economy and we hope to help that process by exposing as many children to the beauty of their wild animals as we can!

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