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TO SUPPORT AND INSPIRE ALL LADIES TO LIVE WITH HOPE, ENCOURAGE THE WEAK, INSPIRE THE LOST AND BUILD A BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL. IN DOING SO, WE HELP GIRLS DEVELOP KEY SKILLS NEEDED FOR THEIR SUCCESS. UR MOTTO: "LOVE ENCOURAGE INSPIRE & BUILD" Vision: To bring All types of girls together to build a better community through Love, Respect, Guidance and Assistance. We are the future! Girls Ages 11-20 Are Encouraged to Join!! Programs, Services & Events Coming Soon: Mighty Ladies BASH!! Self-Empowerment Class Volunteer programs Group Outings Talent Shows AND SO MUCH MORE!!! WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY GIRL CAN EMBRACE WHO SHE IS, CAN DEFINE WHO SHE WANTS TO BE, CAN RISE TO ANY CHALLENGE, CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. We provide childcare services for members. (Meeting Only, Coming Soon) We provide Self Evaluation Classes We provide Assistance with Job Applications and Resumes We provide Assistance with Applying for State Assistance We provide Transitional Housing (Coming Soon) We provide Goal Plan Meets (Monthly) We provide Snacks, and Drinks at Meetings We provide Guidance We also do Group Outings Meet & Greet, Volunteer programs, Talent Shows, Award Ceremonies (Annually), Tutors, and some much more!

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Current projects

We are working on a talent show to raise money for the organization.

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