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Heroin is Killing My Town

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Heroin is Killing My Town is a grassroots volunteer coalition of Anti-Heroin, Addiction Recovery Support and Community Outreach and Awareness Facebook page. The page was initially founded in late 2014 by Billy “Inkslinger” Pfaff a result of personal losses of close loved ones in 2014. In January 2015, Billy partnered with Dina Favreau, who also suffered a number of losses in 2014 due to overdoses and together they began a public lobbying campaign at the MA statehouse and the awareness took off from there. Currently, we represent over 22 thousand Massachusetts and US residents that are impacted by the current Heroin and Overdose Epidemic, with an extended reach of a quarter million people per week. What we do: Raise Awareness Promote Prevention Recovery Resources We support the addict, their families and loved ones by listening and sharing their stories of struggles as well as successes, and put them in contact with Peer to Peer support systems in order to bring about the healthy change that is needed to achieve long term recovery for the family as a whole.

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Current projects

We are currently working on breaking the stimga associated with substance abuse as well as continuously helping any and all individuals in need of housing, detoxes, and any additional services related to homelessness and substance abuse.

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