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Hearts and Hands for Cambodia is an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of Cambodian children through early childhood education. Our main social service project is to assist the Sobbhana Foundation by supporting their Day Care Center in Battambang. The Center selects 75 children, ages three to six, from the poorest in eight surrounding villages and provides meals and education, including personal hygiene and life skills. The center is similar to the Head Start Program in the US, and provides structured activities and consistent, loving support. In the past, we provided playground equipment, educational materials and instruction, electricity, video equipment, clothing, towels, fans, and we dug a ditch f to prevent flooding during the rainy season. Our hope is to expand our program to offer an after school program for the children in primary school and an adult literacy program, as we have found that most of our mothers cannot read or write.

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Current projects

Building maintenance - We have several buildings that at present are in need of repair and a facelift. The first one houses the classrooms. A few years ago one of the older boys in an orphanage in Phnom Penh was commissioned by Hearts & Hands to design and paint murals on the interior walls. Cambodians are inherently artistic and the children at this orphanage were given instruction in painting after school. We were happy to have one of their students take on this project. Presently however the walls need to be refreshed starting with a new coat of paint followed by preschool age murals. This will brighten the classrooms for the children. The roof also has been repaired several times but still tends to leak during heavy rain. Therefore the roof needs more permanent repair. The second building houses the storage area for the preschool and also the bookshelf spaces for each child to keep their things in. This area is used for nap time and special events such as meetings and musical and theatre programs that the children do including special celebrations. We need to paint the walls and acquire new mats for the floors. We have several outdoor bathroom facilities that need to be updated. They have been in place for over 10 years and have suffered from overuse and exposure to the elements. We have a policy of hiring local people that could benefit from additional income or need work.

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