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Good Deed Revolution is a non-profit organization focused on promoting good deeds throughout the world. We provide an online platform for sharing inspirational stories of charity, recognizing businesses and individuals who make a difference, promoting good works throughout our communities, and helping people connect with other who can or need help. Individuals and organizations benefit from generous contributions of goods, time, talent, and compassion. Our mission is to lift and inspire people one good deed at a time. We want to become a trusted global source of goodwill and caring by sharing inspirational and life-changing stories of compassion and love. “We are excited to offer the world a place to share good deeds; a place where everyday people can share their stories of giving or receiving a helping hand from others. Our platform gives anyone the chance to give or receive goodwill from a neighbor, business owner, or stranger. We can’t wait to post your story.” – Brandy Vega, Good Deed Revolution President

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Take the Power of 10 Challenge! What good deed can you do with $10 to make the world a better place? 1. Use $10 to do a good deed 2. Share your story via video, photo or text on social media with the hashtag #GDRPowerof10. 3. Make sure to tag 10 friends when you post to have them do the challenge and share. 4. If you’ve been tagged and don’t want to take the challenge, that’s okay, donate $10 to Good Deed Revolution and we’ll do the challenge for you. 5. Of course, if you want to take the challenge AND donate we aren’t going to stop you. 6. And lastly, you don’t have to wait to be tagged. Take the challenge today and start it among your friends. Through this challenge we will inspire kindness, love, and doing good for others. We will be sharing the hashtagged stories on our website and social media outlets.

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