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Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc.

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Our goal is to help rescue the urgent, high risk animals of Florida and implement resources for others to help in the aid of these shelter and rescue animals, including: - Providing veterinary care like heartworm treatments, spay/neuter, vaccinations and other medical expenses. - Help obtain funding for spay and neuter and veterinary expenses. - Help create discount programs for rescue groups and adopters through a network of participating veterinary clinics - Help coordinate access to free and discounted services available through other organizations - Assist in providing rescue, care and adoption services for high risk animals. - Reduce the financial burden on rescue groups and individuals who adopt rescue animals, thereby increasing rescues and adoptions. - Help high kill shelters change their operating procedures and transition toward No Kill. - Help support spay and neuter, Feral Freedom and Community Cats programs. - Help keep pets in their homes through education, troubleshooting and financial assistance.

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