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Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children

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Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children provides housing and services to families experiencing or in danger of experiencing homelessness in Chester County, PA. Our Mission Friends Association promotes the independence of families with children by providing shelter, programs and services that prevent and end homelessness in Chester County. Our Vision Friends Association will lead the community in eliminating homelessness for families with children so they will thrive in homes with a safe and stable environment. In FY2016 we worked with 96 families including 187 children with a 94% success rate. To us success is a family living in a home of their own and maintaining their independence and self-sufficiency

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Current projects

In 2013 we created a special fund to help families with financial needs over and above housing costs. Specifically these are financial needs not available in the community such as car repairs, application fees for everything from apartment applications to the fees necessary to replace all legal identifying documents for a family and emergency childcare assistance. While those needs seem simple a failure in any one of them can lead to family becoming or remaining homeless. We work to remove these barriers so that families can get back into or remain in homes leading to stability for all, especially the children. This fund the Glenda Brion Emergency Family Needs Fund, named at the retirement of a long-time staff member and volunteer, is kept in a restricted fund and all uses of the fund are approved by the executive director.

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