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End-Time Hope Ministries is a faith-based ministry that focuses on Public Evangelism, Prison Ministry, and Literature distribution, with a special emphasis on reaching the hopeless, those that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 25. We utilize literature, media, health ministry, and especially the Holy Bible to lead people to Jesus Christ and His saving truths as outlined in the Three Angels' Message of Revelation 14:6-12. The general public, families, friends, Christians and non-Christians alike, will benefit from the Corporation through its activities. By advancing the religion of Jesus Christ, End-Time Hope Ministries will also improve the quality of human lives as people overcome addictions, restore broken families, and improve their health.

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Current projects

We are launching a new YouTube channel called BibleMythBusters in which we will help dispel many of the myths and outright lies about Christianity and the Bible. Our goal is to bring the missionary work of End-Time Hope Ministries in every home in the country and world.

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