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Dempster Community Center, Inc.

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Who Are We Dempster Community Center ("DCC") is an independent, not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing social services to members of the West Philadelphia community and more specifically the Elmwood/Eastwick area of the City of Philadelphia. DCC strives to serve the whole person from the inside out. Our Mission Dempster Community Center ("DCC") is committed to providing quality learning, recreational, social and cultural services to the community at large regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic group, ability or socio-economic status. Our success depends on volunteer help and financial support from outside sources.

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Current projects

We are currently working on 3 projects which include a Pathfinder Youth Club, a Community Garden, and a Mental Wellness Counseling Group. We have our program coordinators all revved up and ready to go. However, we do not yet have the facilities wherein we can provide these services. We have been working and apply for various locations with the City of Philadelphia but nothing has materialized as yet. We are moving forward with securing space without the city's assistance. However, it will be much more costly than it would have been with the city's help. So, onward and upward we march and leap on faith alone.

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