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At Conviventia we work toward a world were all people have the opportunity to live with dignity, integrity and freedom! People living in poverty long to be able to provide for themselves... We believe that by generating opportunities through which people can expand their capabilities, centered on strong Christian and family values, we can help them forge their own path to success. We tackle the root causes of poverty by generating these opportunities through four program areas focusing on Children and Youth, Family and Leadership, Income Generation and Basic Needs, all working in concert.

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Current projects

Being constituted by development grassroots organizations from South America, CONVIVENTIA builds upon an experience of eighteen years of continual field work, responding to the needs, challenges and opportunities of destitute families in Latin America. Faced with a context characterized by violence, gender disparity, lack of access to social protection and the essential services needed to fulfill human rights, CONVIVENTIA stands for an approach to development that is based on fundamental values and principles of responsibility and justice. We work from the individual to the collective sphere, considering all levels and actors. Our projects include: - Schools for Children and Youth - Child Protection Programs - Community Development Center - Income Generation Programs - Microfinance and Job Placement Services - Higher Education Fund - Mission Trips - Outreach - and more...

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