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Every four days the numerically equivalent death toll of the September 11th attack happens in the Eastern Regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Violent Militias such as the M23, Mai Mai, and LRA ravage village after village, raping a reported 60% of all women in said villages in violent manners (the actual figure is likely closer to 80%), killing without recourse, and forcing locals to work in mines in slave conditions. Other charities operate on the ground in the East DRC, without facing opposition from these militias. This is because they distribute food, water, and medicine that these militias coerce the villagers into surrendering as tribute, indirectly fueling their coercive operations and perpetuating a ghastly cyclical process of intimidation and subjugation. This is why the Central African Relief Effort takes a different approach to our relief. Rather than emphasizing short-term relief implements that will likely inadvertently support militia operations (food, water, etc.), our team operates under the innovative charter of Sustainable Relief.

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What does 'Sustainable Relief' entail? Our team will relocate families from the hellish East to the relatively economically and politically stable West Congo, home to major cities such as Kinshasa-Brazzaville and economic stability and opportunity. This operation means the difference between war, rape, and death and a bright and happy future for countless Congolese families, and this is why we need your help. Please leave a donation, please be generous. Humans are dying right now and this is something that only you can stop. Please see the project video for more information, and feel free to email us at any time for greater detail. After you donate, we will get in contact with you to thank you and keep you in touch with the operation. admin@donateafrica.org

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