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Bolivia Mágica Ballet Folklórico was founded in 1992 by a group of friends who had a passion for Bolivian folklore. From there on, it became the first Bolivian folkloric group founded and officially registered as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) cultural institution in Florida. Its primary objective is a commitment to bring an end to cultural indifference and to promote folkloric and traditional values to persons of all ages and different ethnic and cultural beliefs. Maintaining a respect to traditional style throughout its years, it has demonstrated a rich and varied repertoire of authentic folkloric dances which describe very much the Bolivian spirit, its dedication and passion for traditions and customs. Even though the majority of its members are of Bolivian origin, it maintains an open door policy to persons of all nationalities. We invite you to become a member, sponsor or simply a fan of our artistic, cultural and educational organization. However, we do more than just dancing! Yes, Bolivia Mágica Ballet Folklórico is an organization truly dedicated to promote and preserve its ancestral roots but we go a notch above with participation in educational and charitable events. Among these are Career Day school presentations, and seminars for extra credit for students at college institutions, among these Florida International University (FIU). We also provide community service hours to all young members and reference letters for volunteers.

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Current projects

This year by acclaim of the public that assisted our PACHAKUTI 2015: Return to Equilibrium and Harmony, presentation at the Koubek Center in Miami, Florida we are bringing back, PACHAKUTI 2016: Return to Equilibrium and Harmony (Traditional and Ancestral Music and Dances). This wil be a one-night folkloric presentation of dances and music from Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. It will be a rich and colorful performance of traditional and ancestral dances and music from these five countries; to educate our public on the evolution of different dance or musical forms from times of our ancestors to nowadays, and how they have evolved to become the forms of expression that will be presented. It is open to the community in general and will be a family oriented event. The funding we require will be used for general operating costs of the event: rental of the venue, insurance costs, additional technical assistance costs, stage props, photography and filming of the performance, promotional and performance materials. This year we would like to issue a larger donation to all invited performing groups for their time, effort and talent. By obtaining financial support, we may also be able to bring down the cost of admission to the public. Our future vision is to make PACHAKUTI a continuing yearly event in which many other groups from different countries will be able to participate and we can reach a larger audience by presenting the event in a larger venue.

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