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we have over 50 youth programs and we bringing more . 1.work programs for the youth 2.after school prgrams 3.future career programs 5.leaning programs 6.new step to chirst programs 7.no stop the violence programs call us for information we can help your youth .give your child a new walk to life .// Our teen mother programs -are a 1 year in house followed by a 5 step program 1.one year stable houseing 2.one year stable job 3.one year stable banking program 4.one year credit program 5.one year career program graduation to the next level for more information call us we can help

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Giveing to this cause will  give help to the teen mothers & youth & children fighting cancer in need, you facilitate strong encouragement. Showing compassion and giving kindness can really uplift the youth & teen motrhers they have experiencing a rough time in there life. It conveys a sense of “faith” and an “I believe in them” spirit which alone can act as a tremendous source of renewal for teen mothers & youth  who is hurting alraedy have lost there love ones. The will be  distributed for  youth programs  , cancer education programs work programs ,more safe homes, parenting programs ,transitional housing programs ,financing and sustaining supports and services for children, youth, and families.   accompanying materials developed to prevent youth violence, after school  activities,after school work programs for 16 up ,help students develop conflict-resolution skills.  My  backstory has been very uplifting in my life and others-I was that teen mother that was lost with 9 children ,homeless didnt know what the next day was going to bring ,I was that teen mother that was been beating for many years didnt understand how to leav my husband .I was that teen mother cryed at night wondering where my mother was .i was that teen mother stayed on my knees praying for a God to save me .I know that hurt and pain been there already ,I ask God to guide my feet and show  me the way.Aim giveing back helping the youth & teen mother.To see them smile makes my day ..Thank you.

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