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RIGHT NOW , WE TRY TO RAISE $10.000 US : We started to help the homeless 4 years ago when I saw someone on the side of the street and asked her mother, she told me “she lost her mother and she did not no one around, my heart so beating so badly and I think so far, what I do for her, if there was anything she could do. We bought her lunch and from there I came back USA and talked to some friend and co-work how we can help Haitian children stop to live on the street. Immediately I made a phone call to my mother go to get her, we had taken it upon herself to start a new life and get new home. After that me and my friends start nonprofit 501c3 organization which funds call “All The Children Are Children (ATCAC), Tout Timoun Se Timoun”. . All the children need space and the way to sleep no problem but the children would like to attend but, space and the way to sleep. It is a big problem now in Haiti, they have too much children lost then parent in 2010 Haiti Earthquake. they stay outside no house, get wet when is rain, and they cannot go to school. Haitian Government to busy fighting each other, don’t look at their

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RIGHT NOW , WE TRY TO RAISE $10.000 TO HELP US AND WORK AT NEW PROJECT TO BUILD ORPHANAGE (Orphenlinat) AND SCHOOL AT ATCAC HOPE CENTER Right now, We are so busy working and the focus has changed so much. we are working on some Project to build: 1. Orphanage/ Orphenlinat 2. School (start age 3 to 18) 3. Medical Center for Children 4. House For poorest ATCA HOPE CENTER need you to donate what you can give to make the way for children in Haiti need us and waiting for hope… Please Help Us: keep praying, keep believing, keep sharing, keep giving, keep helping, keep loving, and keep fighting for children around the world! We CANNOT STAND without YOU! Help us STAND! THIS IS NOT OVER! Children need your help and protection, ONE FINAL FRIENDS, FAMILIES AND GENEROSITY by INDIEGOGO will help us to make the dream come for all children need us help… Well, my friends, it’s time to help Haiti, special children don’t have nothing and no hope tomorrow. Come, make your donation now, your fund will support a great children life in Haiti. We have focused on (so far) 5 different things to put your hard earned and dedicated your dollars to work for the children... WELCOME TO ALL THE CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN, "TOUT TIMOUN SE TIMOUN" Email: atcacinc@gmail.com www.atcac.net

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