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We were tired of non-creatives creating over saturated media with art, music, and culture; So we did our research, invested our own money and time to learn the ins and outs of the Creative industries. The question that was continuously asked during this venture was "what makes you different" and we answered by making our mission to provide services as a non-profit organization. Ars Media Arts Group, was incorporated in May of 2015 as Non-profit organization in the state of Virginia, with 501(c) status through Fractured Atlas. We focus on four objectives, providing a Vision, Developing Awareness, Awarding Experience, and Capturing Uniqueness. An art organization with capabilities of the media, we produce content while providing an avenue for creatives of all mediums and genres. We became simply "Ars" Latin for passion in the arts, and creativity. VISION inspiring the imagination, to turn resources into attributes, in art, music, photography, film, and overall creative culture. Awareness Forever-advancing,providing an everlasting platform for the creatives, through community engagement. Experience Harnessing creativity and being able to bridge gaps from amateur to professional markets. Uniqueness Providing a platform for an unseen, underground, backstage culture with an artistic value like no other. Endless opportunity with our organization! We continue to build our resources, networks, and community support.

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Current projects

We are currently producing an online publication, simply title "Ars Magazine" or "Ars MAG" for short. Providing an alternative platform for all things creative, art, fashion, music, literature, media, and culture. We have reached a monthly average of 10k readers, and have grown our subscription list to 1000 in the past 6 months through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. We are planning the next steps to print quarterly issues, to create tangible, unique tabloid style newsprint for our most dedicated patrons, sponsors, and supporters.

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