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Apprenticeship & Non-Traditional Employment for Women

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ANEW provides women of all ages, races, and backgrounds with quality training, support services and employment preparation, leading to viable and satisfying non-traditional career pathways which lead to family wage jobs. Through preparatory training and services, ANEW graduates successfully gain, retain, and advance in employment in non-traditional industries. Apprenticeship & Non-Traditional Employment for Women (ANEW) was founded in 1980 by women dedicated to improving access and advancement in non-traditional career paths. It is among the oldest pre-apprenticeship programs serving women in the nation. Since its inception, ANEW has run 70+ classes and trained hundreds of students, with many graduates entering apprentice-able occupations. In fact, some of Washington State’s female leaders in policy making, training coordination, and labor advocacy began their careers as ANEW students and even staff. ANEW does not discriminate on the basis of age, national origin, race, ethnicity, gender, background, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. We provide services and training based on financial qualifications and restrictions of grant resource. We strive to ensure our services are available to everyone.

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Current projects

Pre-apprenticeship Trades Rotation Program (Training) ANEW offers a FREE 12 week, part-time, high quality pre-apprenticeship training that helps women enter non-traditional careers in construction trades and manufacturing. The Trades Rotation Program helps adults gain the technical skills needed to be competitive for an apprenticeship opportunity. ANEW’s program is unique. We partner with many registered apprenticeship programs in the Seattle area and expose students directly to their training facilities. These training partners explain their industry, teach technical and math-related lessons, and emphasize the importance of fitness. Some programs come to our workshops and give one-on-one coaching. It’s like having a day-long interview and immediate connection to the leaders who select apprentices! Students who succeed in our training demonstrate to ANEW: They can be on time and keep scheduled appointments They can provide all requested documents for their assessment They are honest in their interview They could pass a drug test They express an interest and/or experience in construction trades or related nontraditional careers or hobbies Backgrounds are screened for income eligibility, citizenship verification, veteran status if applicable, and criminal history, if applicable

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