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Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) is a charitable, Women based, non-governmental and not for profit making organization. The establishment of this foundation was to address women constraints and empowering women through innovative approaches in areas of Microcredit services, education, reproductive and child health, ICT, health, human rights, agriculture, Vocational services, HIV/AIDS, life skills and community development with a focus on poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and establishing a society where women and girls live happy, healthy, educated and free from all forms of violence under a conserved community. The foundation main target population includes; Women, PWD, PLWHA, farmers and children. (all living under had condition).The second strategic plan (2014-2019) has also been prepared and started implementation of the planned programs to contribute for the overall efforts of ensuring Health, food, livelihood and environmental security that realizes sustainable development and social transformation in Kasese region especially to the areas around the national parks of Uganda . GWLF envisions poverty free people of Kasese region, Uganda. Its strategic missions are: Empowering poor communities and their organizations in Kasese to achieve livelihoods and environmental security and strives to realize its missions through food security and agricultural development, water resources development and hygiene- sanitation promotion, forest resource development etc.

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Current projects

GWLF has rich experience in managing development program activities. In the last two years (2015 – 2016) GWLF constructed health clinic. For its best success in the lives of poor people, GWLF won the “2017 Global Girls in ICT fund from International Telecommunication Union. Summary On 10/07/2017 Gift Women Link Foundation will collect wastes across Kasese district for 6 months. The waste will be recycled into eco-friendly products for 12 months. Participants will be trained how to recycle the collected waste (papers, CDs, metal wires, plastic bottles, bottles tops, polythene, vocado seeds, etc) into eco-friendly products. Project Beneficiaries The project will train and empower a group of 20 participants directly as trainer of trainees and 20000 Community members indirectly These participants will be divided into 5 groups and deployed in different communities for sensitization and climate change awareness and training community members. Project Methodology The project is a hands on practical doing. The beneficiaries will be guided on how to manipulate local dry waste (mainly plastic bottles, card boards, polythene, All stationery papers etc.). We are covering the waste with paper Mache. Once dry and harden we hand painting and decorating the items. All waste and other items are locally available. All material used are chemical free and eco friendly While being guided and trained into craft production we are building the group as a unite. Conflict resolution, group rules etc.

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