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Mukono District is one of the poorest areas in Uganda. People exist using subsistence agriculture and little else. As a result of past conflicts and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis there are many dispossessed people including children and the elderly. Often, due to a missing generation, children are cared for by their grandparents or distant relatives. To move communities out of this situation we are developing micro businesses. We already operate a Honey Bee Farm and a Fish Farm (www.kitetefisheries.com). We believe that here we have a unique proposition. We bring together: community members entrepreneurial professionals young and dispossessed people building and landowners international expertise to solve a real development need. We operate a non discriminatory policy with regard to race, religion, sex, or ethnic diversity. We encourage women to participate. We insist that business plans describe a sustainable business and if we are persuaded on the certainty of the plan we will fully support it. Given the above we feel that it is an attractive proposition in which to invest, either through sponsorship or shareholding. Individuals who wish to donate may either contact us directly or go via Help Freely. Thank you for reading about EACO Friendly. Visit us at www.eacofriendly.com.

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Current projects

Empower And Care Organization is a Community Based Organization (CBOs) run by Ugandan people and has been in operation since 2004. It gives psychosocial support to: • marginalised and at-risk women, • vulnerable children & orphans, • youth and • the elderly and • all who live in the Mukono District. EACO empowers these groups through economic development, which it achieves through: • Education programs, • Vocational training, and • The provision of health care. EACO also campaigns for Poverty, HIV/AIDS and human awareness and provides direct support to children who have been orphaned as a result of the Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Displacement War, or Conflict.

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