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NGO “Help and Travel” has a mission to foster a generation of socially conscious young people and to provide the foundation for innovation and successful transformations in Ukraine. Besides the yearly summer volunteers tour, we have been working on: 1) Initiative “Friends" of Help and Travel”: We carry out lectures and seminars for students because we believe that everyone is entitled to equal access to developmental opportunities and educational resources. 2) Help and Travel Service, an all-Ukrainian volunteer marketplace. 3) Advocacy work to raise the prestige of volunteering on a legislative level. 4) Urban projects under “Help and Travel. City.” 5) International youth exchanges.

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Current projects

One of the key activities of the organization is a community service bus that takes 25 volunteers on weekly journey through 6 villages where local communities ask for help. A pilot project took place in summer 2013. 8 tours happened since then covering over 50 locations in 22 regions of Ukraine. There were 100+ volunteers. 1000+ Ukrainians benefited directly.

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