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Albinizm Dernegi, Turkiye

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The Association of Albinism Turkey is founded on 2013. Or objective is to support adults with albinism and families which have children with albinism in Turkey community. We have carried out many activities such as those mentioned below in our past about 2.5 years and our aim is to continue expanding these activities for the benefit of our community in the future.   The number of adults and families we can reach through social media is around 900. The number of official members of our Association today is 180. A family that has a child with albinism reaches to us in the first week and receives preliminary information that is needed when raising a child. We are especially striving to prepare our mothers for the information they possess and for the psychological conditions that they can live with because they have a different child than usual who needs additional support to grow.

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Current projects

* In 2014 and 2016, we organized Albinism National Conferences. We have talked about albinism, problems and solution proposals for a whole day with our valuable, enthusiastic and supportive companies and medical professionals and our community.   * We have established international relations. One of the most important ones is that we publish a book in Turkish which is the publication of the American Albinism Society (NOAH - www.albinism.org). Our book "Raising a Child with Albinism" can be found in all bookstores in Turkey with the local language.   * We represent our association, our society and Turkey during the meetings held by the European Albinism Society every two years. We are working to establish the non-governmental organizations operating in 9 European countries and the Federation of European Albinism.  * We have founded the Albinism Scientific Committee in Turkey this year. We have very valuable professors who supports us within our cause.   * We continue to work on raising awareness in our society by providing relevant interviews with albinism on national TV, radio channels and print publications.

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