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The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation was established on June 28, 2007, as an independent and nonprofit association with the aim of helping citizens, particularly, refugees and internally displaced persons, to practically address their living and existential problems, with special emphasis on addressing their housing problems. The foundation was established by Ana and Vlade Divac, as a continuation of their twenty years of humanitarian work, which began in the United States within the Humanitarian Organization Divac (HOD). Thanks to the support of 650,000 individuals, 421 youth initiative, 670 companies and 82 organizations, the Foundation has raised 10 million US dollars to-date and secured assistance for 300,000 people. The Foundation’s priorities for the forthcoming period are the projects aimed at employment, primarily youth and single parents, through the award of grants to start or further develop business and through mentorship. In addition to this, the Foundation will work to create better conditions for the upbringing of children and youth, through the renewal of kindergartens, schools and sports fields and the strengthening of youth activism. Given the challenges and emergency situations that were faced in 2014 and 2015, the floods in Serbia and the refugee crisis, the Foundation embarked on efforts to assist in the renewal of flooded areas but also to assist children and families coming from the was affected areas in the Middle East.

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Current projects

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has been actively involved in youth issues in Serbia for the past six years. Young people (20% of the population) make up one of the largest vulnerable groups in Serbia. Out of the extended and progressive social and economic crisis in Serbia, a number of problems affecting youth have emerged, including poverty, violence, high unemployment (over 36%), brain drain, low activism and exclusion from the decision-making process. In order to further empower young women and men to take action, address local issues, mobilize local resources and establish mechanisms for community action, the Foundation developed Divac Youth Funds (DYF) project. Divac Youth Funds project is based on Youth Bank model which includes young women and men in decision making in local communities and promotes civic engagement. In order to stimulate youth community leadership, 11 local Divac Youth Funds (DYF), consisting of 10 young women and men aged between 15-30 years, have been established. These teams are managing Divac Youth Fund resources, which are matched by the local municipality and corporate partners. In the past 3 years Grants have been awarded to 381 grants mainly informal groups of young women and men who seek to make a difference in their community and who live in a DYF area/region. The grants cover a wide range of activities aiming to improve working conditions in high schools, develop sport facilities, promote culture, renovate spaces for youth etc.

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