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Kay Pacha Aquí y Ahora

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The project is a self-financed initiative that was born in March 2013 as a pilot in the annex of San Jose De Challaca, a small rural community in the department of Huancavelica about 4 hours from the city of Ica. A project full of dreams and a beautiful way to go. MISSION: The empowerment of people in situations of vulnerability, empowering their abilities and skills for self-management, health and sustainability of a better quality of life as well as the use of the various resources that are counted and promoting an active community with proposed solutions innovative VIEW: Consolidate as a replicable social project, oriented to cover unresolved needs.

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Current projects

Education: (Children and adolescents) minimum stay 1 month without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. In the morning: support in the initial, primary and secondary schools with English classes. In the afternoon: Talent Academy (minimum stay 2 weeks without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. ) - Music workshops - Painting - Public Speaking, Holistic Education - Crafts -Support and school reinforcement reading, mathematics etc. - Ecology and recycling - Hygiene and nutrition - Sport activities - Dance, theater, acting, photography where they can discover and develop their talents - Productive workshops and recreation for children, youth and adults - Promotion of values ​​and personal development through workshops

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