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Spanda Foundation (Spanda) is an International Civil Society Organization (ICSO) to catalyze sustainable long-term systemic change in culture, education, health & environment, economics and research for the attainment of a higher individual and a collective state of consciousness. The Foundation was established in The Hague (NL) in 2005 under Dutch law as a legally independent institution; it is accredited for its international concern for the common good through its Dutch ANBI status, equivalent to the US IRS 503(c)1; and is in Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Spanda aims to promote the establishment of creative solutions and strategic resources in order to foster individual, social, economic and global development, and pursue initiatives that may serve the common good and increase social value. Spanda is a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Its core values embody the following basic themes in all of its programmes: respect and appreciation for diversity of ideas and people;protection and enhancement of a just and equitable quality of life for all species within the means of nature;protection of human rights and pursuit of social justice with compassion for disenfranchised communities; support of initiatives that nurture and strengthen the capacities of current and future generations regardless of race, belief, income, gender, and ability.

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Current projects

THE JUBILO PROJECT: Conflict prevention and transformation, ethnic integration and peace building through a comparative approach of intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Spanda is currently working on "The Middle Council Cycle" programme, a series of open transformative roundtables among leaders, policy makers, academia, migrants, and the media, focusing on Human Rights infringements affecting refugees and asylum seekers. The initiative aims to draft innovative policies and recommendations to the Dutch government and to other related EU bodies. THE MANTRA PROJECT: Green microfinance, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture for the empowerment of women. Spanda is currently working on "The Mapuche Chapter" which aims to alleviate the poverty of Mapuche indigenous communities in the La Araucania region, Chile, through the establishment and expansion of micro-economic activities related to sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, and the creation, production and distribution of traditional handicraft. THE MUSIKÉ PROJECT: Research, recovery, documentation, conservation and dissemination of ethnomusicological heritage. Spanda is currently working on "The Charmed Flutes" concert tour to interconnect diversity and celebrate unity in one single breath featuring eight flutes from the four climates of the planet performing on the world stage. THE LILA PROJECT: a virtual game platform meant to co-create and implement interdisciplinary cultural and development policies.

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