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Befrienders Penang is a non profit organization that provides emotional support to people who are lonely, in distress and despair, including those with suicidal thoughts. Even callers who are not suicidal but are overwhelmed by a loss (of a loved one, job, etc) or going through serious relationship issues, suffering from illness access our hotlines. All our Volunteers are trained personnel and each conversation is treated as confidential. We treat all calls confidential and respect if callers choose to keep their identity anonymous. Each call is answered by a caring and trained person will listen to the caller, learn about their situation by asking questions to generally understand how he/she feels, give them the time to share their problem and explore options if they feel lost about how to cope with the situation. The goal of our hotline services is to help our callers by providing emotional support and prevent suicide. Our mission is "Life is Precious" and no life should be lost by suicide. Befrienders Penang Helplines : 604-2815161 / 604-2811108 Email: pat@befpen.org Service Hours:Mon - Fri: 3.00 pm - 12.00 midnight Sat & Sun: 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm Besides telephone hotlines we provide face to face befriending by appointment, raise public awareness on mental health issues and prevent suicide campaigns in schools, communities through our Outreach Programs and provide email befriending.

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Current projects

Project : THS - Mandarin & Tamil To start Telephone Hotline Services in Local Languages : Mandarin and Tamil Project Goal: In times of personal emotional crisis we have callers requesting for a Volunteer who speak in local languages - Tamil, Mandarin to convey their feelings effectively. The calls are often dropped if no Volunteers for requested languages are available. To address language challenges and to ensure our services are reached at the most critical times of our callers, we are planning to launching our services in Local Languages, Mandarin and Tamil first then extend to Bahasa. Target: Train additional 10 Volunteers for Tamil and 10 Volunteers in Mandarin to handle the Crisis Hotlines by June 2018 on 2 shift daily from 6.00p.m to 9p.m. And with the additional services, we need to extend our phone lines and Befrienders services hours from 9 hours to 12 hours weekly, upgrade the facilities accommodate the additional pool of Volunteers Recruit and train New Volunteers well versed in multiple languages to support the expended services. Print campaign brochures, leaflets and promotional items

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