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Shanty Town Spirit Cambodia Ermine Norodom Association

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Shanty Town Spirit want to give impoverished families and particularly children a safe and clean environment, an education and maximize the community’s access to essential healthcare services for a sustainable quality of life. - No child should live in these conditions! - Every child deserve to live in a clean healthy environment, free of rubbish and diseases. - Every child has the right to a decent sanitation, clean water and adequate nutrition. - Every child deserve an education and a chance to transcend poverty Our Vision To ensure the rights of the children by giving them a safe and clean environment, an education, and a sustainable quality of life. - One Spirit - One Heart - One Community Our Mission To transform the Boeung Trabek Shanty Town into a clean, safe environment, and improve and sustain the quality of life of these impoverished families.

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Current projects

- To clean up and improve the overall hygiene and security of the shanty town. - To provide access to health care and ongoing treatment in order to overcome health barriers to education and employment. - To support children to stay in school and assist the unemployed to gain employment through accessing vocational skills training.

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