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Our mission is to recover partially used soaps donated by Hotels and repurpose it into new bars. We then distribute the new bars through hygiene programming with NGO partners serving vulnerable populations around the world. Indeed, every day, hotels all over the world discard millions of bars of amenity soap, even bars that clients have used only once. From an economic standpoint, this is wasteful, due to the considerable amount of product that remains unused, and because of the costs incurred to dispose of it. What’s more, it’s harmful to the environment in which we live, as tons of soap waste end up in landfills. Most importantly, that soap could be put into the hands of people who need it. And this is exactly the mission of the Global Soap Project - Europe: to collect this otherwise unused soap, recycle it and bring it to those in need.

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Current projects

We solicit hotels all over Europe in order to collect more soap. We are developing partenership with the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot in order to store the soap. We at GSPE are stepping up our efforts to bring the simple tool of better health and hygiene to more people in need globally

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