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Where Holly’s Horse Haven Charity strive to create socialization for all while also encouraging emotional competence by increasing empathy with our Irish rescue’s. When horse & human are both beaten up by life, in rescuing the animal, I too am rescued! Equine therapy offers each individual the opportunity to gain a sense of control and self-esteem. These animals are instrumental in healing, as well as in teaching alternatives to better ways of being and acting in society. Horses not only help heal emotions but lay a foundation for basic skills that humans need for the rest of their lives, one of which is acceptance, “Horses don’t judge anyone” they accept “ALL” at face value, they don’t care about anyone’s past. Instead, they accept a person for who they are “in the present” they provide companionship and camaraderie allowing individuals to experience a true sense of friendship and the satisfying feeling that results from working with others in the spirit of fellowship & unconditional giving.

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Our charities purpose is to pursue our passion to help countless rescues from across the country while at the same time supporting “ALL” who wish to participate in the care & rehabilitation of our rescues. We welcome all to our community/social inclusion network whereby we strive to support health care organisations, private and parents groups whose main aim is to continually work towards improving the personal needs and desires of those individuals in our communities who have “Special Needs” Holly’s Social Haven experience is part of the Irish governments new directions model for day care service provision for individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism & challenging behaviour. Giving of yourself especially to rescue horses is reaching out an unconditional hand of love in often desperate circumstances and the connection between horse & human can be the beginning of an incredible mental and spiritual journey where we provide the power of love and in return our human perceptions begin to change and intensify. We gently and gradually become more in tune with the lingering sense of oneness between animal & human a state of unification where healing, strength & courage begin to flow from one to the other enabling our perceptions and emotions to evolve by slowing us down to connect with the spirit of the horse.

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