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We want to make a difference to the economically deprived people of Belarus, who live in extreme poverty, despite the fact that their country is on the doorstep of the European Union. We want to make a difference by improving the living conditions and social opportunities of the orphan children and the neglected elderly in Belarus.

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Current projects

We have just launched our Babushka Box Appeal for 2015. This is our gift in a shoebox appeal for the elderly in Belarus. For more information please contact Hilary Taylor on 085 716 3174 We have worked hard with the elderly people in Kurenets, Belarus in order to improve their living conditions and provide social interaction in their lives. -refurbishing and restoring decrepit bathrooms, refurbishing and decorating bedrooms and kitchen. -providing personal care for the female residents, hand massage, hairdressing etc. -entertaining the residents and throwing a party for them. -visitation to individual residents. With the help of interpreters, recording their life stories, reminiscences of the Hitler/Stalin eras etc. -providing a selection of small gifts at Christmas for each resident. -fund raising in Ireland to provide new bedding, mattresses etc.

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